HireRing is the on-demand staffing platform

connecting employers with the best professional recruiters

for each new vacancy request 


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is nominee for

Best HR start up


Awards Ceremony on Nov 15th 2018



the fastest,



valuable place

to recruit

your workforce"



Submit a vacancy request and set the hiring price you are ready to pay

Receive the list of recruiters willing to work on your vacancy

Select the recruiter(s) you want to collaborate with & share your details

Collaborate with the recruiter(s) outside the platform

When your vacancy is filled, close the request by identifying the successful recruiter

& pay the hiring price


The advantages for you as Employer


Hire Faster

Submit your vacancies to the best suitable recruitment professionals in minutes

Choose the ones you want to work with

You no longer have to:

  • contact staffing agencies separately…
  • negotiate contractual terms with the selected ones...
  • create & manage PSLs...



Hire SMARter

Find the best appropriate recruitment professionals - based on their specific profile expertise - to work on each of your vacancy

Receive shortlists of good candidates recommended by trusted experts

Fill your vacancies rapidly with suitable candidates

Centralize hiring costs & payments to HireRing as unique supplier



hire cheaper

Set the price you are ready to pay for each hire and forget about expensive complex hiring fees

One fixed fee set by you from the start

You pay per hire only. No hire No cost !

Post as many vacancies you need - it's free




We take the stress out of your selection process.

Rely on top professionals to deliver you the talents you need.
Rapidly. Efficiently. Cost effectively.
— Sophie Vanderputten, CEO